veterinary neurosurgery in annapolis, md

Veterinary Neurosurgery in Annapolis, MD

veterinary neurosurgery in annapolis, md

Pet surgery can be a challenging topic to discuss with pet owners, and neurosurgery is a step up in complexity! If your pet is recommended to our specialists for neurosurgery, you won’t find a more attentive or empathetic team. We’ll be at your side at every turn, explaining the procedure, what to expect, and the health outcome we hope to achieve for your pet. At Compass Veterinary Neurology & Imaging, we have a dedicated team of veterinary neurology specialists and outstanding staff to provide support, comfort, and expert surgical care.

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Specialized Neurosurgical Services for Complex Conditions

CVNI’s experienced veterinary neurosurgeons are trained and equipped to perform delicate, highly precise surgeries on pets. With their skill and expertise, they can treat a wide array of conditions, from brain cancer in dogs and cats to herniated intervertebral discs and vertebral fractures. 

Our neurosurgical services all extend to the treatment of:

  • Spinal tumors
  • Atlanto-axial luxation/instability
  • Lumbosacral stenosis and instability
  • Vertebral fractures/luxations
  • Subarachnoid diverticulum
  • Chiari-like malformation
  • Muscle & nerve biopsies
  • Wobbler’s disease (cervical spondylomyelopathy)
Neursurgery Operation On Cat

Advanced Technology for Better Outcomes

We leverage advanced neurosurgical technology to enhance the success rates of our procedures and ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. 

Radiographs During Surgery


This real-time X-ray technology is vital in procedures involving implant placement for spinal stabilization. It enables precise placement of these implants, which is crucial for optimal outcomes.

Surgical Ultrasonic Aspirator

Surgical Ultrasonic Aspirator

This tool is especially effective in neuro-oncologic surgeries, assisting in the meticulous removal of brain and spinal tumors. It minimizes trauma to healthy brain and spinal cord tissues, ensuring a more complete tumor removal.

Tech Laying On Ground With Dog

Why Choose CVNI for Neurosurgery?

Our neurosurgeons, Dr. Archambault, Dr. Harvey, and Dr. Barker bring over 20 years of neurosurgical experience to our practice. They continually advance their skills through surgical continuing education courses. Their dedication to learning the latest procedures underscores our commitment to offering the best possible care for your pet.

When you choose CVNI, you entrust your pet’s care to a team that values not just the technical aspects of neurosurgery, but also the compassionate care your pet deserves. Our approach has made us a trusted choice for veterinary neurosurgery in the mid-Atlantic region. We are dedicated to ensuring that every pet receives individualized attention, combined with the expertise and technology that make a real difference in their health and recovery.

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